Panel: Zombie Media


Panel: Zombie Media
Panelists: Benjamin Gaulon, Lourens Rozema, Ralph Borland
Chair: Jussi Parikka
When: Friday 29th, 4.30pm – 6pm
Studios 1 & 2, Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin

The Zombie media panel brings together interrelated practices involving hardware hacking, tactical media and design. The discussion focuses on the aesthetic, social and political possibilities of media archaeology. Taking perspectives from engineering, glitch and critical design, the panelists explore some of the affordances and constrains surrounding the creative use and repurposing of technological devices that are no longer considered to be commercially or functionally viable.

This conversation proceeds around a set of questions:

Expanding discussions of ‘open source’ towards a consideration of hardware and materiality, what possibilities exist to repurpose the meaning, use value and intellectual property embodied in ‘dead’ media objects?

Secondly, what is the relationship between an ‘aesthetics of failure’ and a critical project concerned with sustainability?