The Writing Workshop: Hackronym

Workshop: The Writing Workshop: Hackronym
Facilitator: Jessica Foley
When: Thursday 28 June 4pm – 5.30pm
Where: Gallery 2, Science Gallery
Admission: Free but booking recommended
Group: max 12 people

Acronmyms are pervasive yet remarkably inconspicuous creatures. They lurk on the external walls of banks, they pepper memo’s meandering through bureaucratic cabinets, they cloak the everyday working practices of corporations and institutions in a guise of simplicity and efficiency.

We use them for shorthand digital slang [L.O.L.] and we use them to index the complex and idiosyncratic occupational jargon of disciplines and industries, from education to engineering. Apparently useful devices, they frequently confuse, undermine and inhibit understanding. The Acronym’s seemingly objective and cool personality belies something perhaps a little more sinister…

So isn’t it about time that the Acronym was hacked? Isn’t it about time that we opened this creature out? Isn’t it about time that these letters associated by dots and other letters told their own story? Isn’t it?!

The Hackronym Writing Workshop offers a place & time to reconsider, reinterpret and misinterpret those acronyms that, perhaps unconsciously, have been plagueing and undermining our communicative potential day-to-day.

No previous verbal hacking or writing experience required. The Workshop will be facilitated by Jessica Foley, in the spirit of The Writing Workshop.

The Writing Workshop, in existence since 2007, is now an open pop-up forum within which participants feel safe & encouraged to explore writing through a considered use of language and theme. In the past, participants in The Writing Workshop have been invited to discuss & share ideas of interest to them, with a view to inspiring some interest amongst their peers. Participants have been invited to ‘host’ a workshop, setting a theme or action for the session, framing discussion, inviting participation, developing ideas through discussion and writing exercises.

The Writing Workshop has been facilitated by Jessamyn Fiore (Playwright, Curator), Clay Mcleod Chapman (writer & performer), Wreckio Ensemble (Theatre Company NYC), Bernardine Carroll (Artist), Séan Lynch (artist) & Kevin Barry (writer), amongst many others.