Where: Paccar Theatre

When: 15:00 – 17:00 15/11/14


A recent article in the Economist speculates that the rise in distributed fabrication constitutes a ‘revolution’ in industrial production, in much the same way the birth of the personal computer constituted a revolution in the informational realm. The exciting possibility, for many, is that forms of online production might not only shape social or juridical processes, as has long been claimed in certain communities of digital activism, but in turn come to shape physical environments and material economies. How are innovations such as 3D printing, micro-factories and open source ecology, biology and hardware reshaping the way that we produce, consume and share material goods? And how are they helping to produce more sustainable manufacturing practices and environments? The panel provides a variety of different perspectives on open hardware, from projects in open source ecology, open hardware and open biotechnology towards more critical takes on some of the existing issues, difficulties and constraints surrounding the open hardware movement. With Denisa Kera, Cathal GarveyPeter Hanappe, Vasilis Kostakis and Gawin Dapper. Moderated by Benjamin Tincq.