Duncan McCann is a reseacher in the New Economics Foundation http://www.neweconomics.org. Duncan holds a law degree as well as a postgraduate certificate in the Circular Economy and a masters certificate in project management. Prior to joining NEF Duncan worked for Cisco Systems in a variety of environmental roles focusing on new business opportunities and sound reuse and recycling of used equipment. After leaving Cisco in 2010 he embarked on a mission to better understand the economy and the monetary system in particular through his studies and by working for Positive Money on monetary policy reform.As well as working at NEF Duncan leads the policy taskforce of the UN lead Solving the E-Waste Problem, which seeks to analyse existing approaches and e-waste policies in order to issue recommendations for future developments in both developing and developing world, is a founder member of a co-operative baking and catering collective Hackney Grower’s Kitchen, which seeks to use locally grown seasonal fruit and veg to make delicious food and is involved in creating a local currency for Hackney to be launched in 2014.