FEASTA (The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability) was formed in Ireland in 1998 to explore the economic, cultural and environmental characteristics of a truly sustainable society. Since 2006 Graham has worked with FEASTA on the monetary and financial characteristics of such a society. Since 2012 he has written a series of connected articles at covering issues including non-debt money, re-localisation, currency resilience, currency design as a discipline, financing renewable energy, facilitating behaviour change via currencies, over-financialisation and digital currencies. He has also project managed feasibility studies for green loyalty, timebanks and a commercially-sponsored local currency. Earlier in his career Graham managed large multi-disciplinary development teams, worked as Technical Director and Strategic Planning Director, chaired a UK trade association and redeveloped an Edwardian department store. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and a Diploma in Woodland Management. He has recently completed the University of Nicosia’s MOOC in Digital Currencies majoring on Bitcoin.