Graham Barnes: Intentional Currencies and Money as a Commons


CTRL ALT Currency Panel

Where: Paccar Theatre

When: 15:00 – 17:00 14/11/14

From one particular point of view – that of money as private property – the idea that money could be treated as a Common Pool Resource (CPR) seems patently absurd. The money I have in my account is mine alone. The more I have of it the more I am concerned that it should keep its value intact until I want to spend it. How can it make any sense that its stored value be shared?
But going forward money is either a reward for past work, or (when issued through the device of credit) an advance secured in expectation of future work. From this viewpoint we can see money as an aspirational commons – a Common Pool Resource backed by our collective efforts, that, with the right governance regime, could be managed equitably and to mutual benefit.