Where: Deloitte Gallery

When: 10:00 – 15:00 15/11/14


The wicked walk in a circle…
Augustine’s City of God, Book 12



In this workshop we will explore various creative uses, shapes and forms of conductive materials to experiment with hybrid and strange circuits, and pose questions: Can circuits embody aesthetic values beyond their purely functional concerns? Can we “print” circuit boards (PCBs) to convey messages and images? Can closed loops, positive and negative feedback or even wires become a protest medium? How to turn the silkscreening of component legends and markings into a poster? How to transform circuits into sculptures instead of hiding them inside machines and objects? 

We will explore various PCB techniques and possibilities of designing uncanny, subversive, sublime and even transcendental circuits, which reflect and probe the relation between philosophy, design and manufacturing. After demonstrating the whole process of PCB design and fabrication,  we will proceed with aesthetic, political and ideological reflections and experiments.  We want to explore circuit design beyond the narrow concerns with connecting electronic components. We will use it as a visual medium, sculpture and artwork, which tests the inputs and outputs, values and exchanges as not only flows of current, but also bases of our economic theories and cybernetic paradigms fueling various utopian and dystopian scenarios of the future.


Maximum 15 participants. No prior knowledge of etching, printing or electronics required.