Rachel O’Dwyer

Rachel O’Dwyer  is a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer in the School of Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin.

She is the leader of the Dublin Art and Technology Association (www.data.ie) and the initiator and lead curator of openhere, a festival and conference on the digital commons www.openhere.data.ie.

She has published on digital media, political economy of communications, and media art and culture in journals such as Fibreculture, Spheres, and Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organisation, as well as book chapters – most recently Institute of Network Culture’s Moneylab Reader (2015) and Routledge’s  Companion to Remix Studies (Winter 2014). She is a regular contributor to Neural magazine www.neural.it. and the founding editor in chief of the open access peer-reviewed journal Interference: A Journal of Audio Culture www.interferencejournal.com