Rachel O’Dwyer: What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine


Share & Share Better Panel

Where: Paccar Theatre

When: 12:00 – 14:00 16/11/14

There is a growing recognition of the value of sharing as a modality of economic production. This model has taken root in the management of communications networks, where core resources such as electromagnetic radio spectrum, base-stations and antennae that were once owned exclusively are now subject to sharing and transient ownership. From one perspective this shift to sharing seems promising for commons-based communication networks. Sharing models allow more people to access communications resources that were previously consolidated at a scale or a price that made access impossible. But what exactly are the implications of the new share economy? Who controls the rules and mechanisms of the share and for what purpose? Who benefits? From another perspective, the new forms of sharing are designed, not to proliferate access for all or to redistribute value, but to strategically manage issues surrounding resource scarcity in a way that socialises costs but continues to privatise benefits.